promoting services

A video presenting locksmith services.

A unique way for a locksmith to promote his services. The series of videos is designed for use on screens inside the store, for modern lighting signs outside the store, replacing the classic sign on the front of a store. Also the series of these videos are designed for their simultaneous utilization on social networks of the company.

Each video focuses on displaying a specific message for optimal results. This greatly serves the need that exists in order to convey a short clear message to any passerby outside the store. For example, one video shows the construction of keys with immobilizer, another video showcases making a set of keys and security locks for the house, improving domestic safety and so on.

Each video focuses on the need that exists (e.g. upgrading home security, the need for a second car key, etc.) and the proposed solution. Ideally, these videos are approximately 30 to 90 seconds long.